COMMECA - Precision Mechanics


 Experts in the machining of high-precision mechanical parts



Founded in 1981, COMMECA offers you more than 40 ans of experience in precision mechanical machining as an industrial subcontractor.



COMMECA Anjou employs 50 people, including 35 technicians with more than 10 ans of experience on average in our production workshops.



COMMECA has a production unit in Tunisia  and combines high-tech products with an attractive technical and economic offer.






Optimization, design & industrialization


Our technicians in the Methods office define the operations required to ensure the perfect completion of your mechanical parts within the given timeframe:


Certified Quality


Quality, at the heart of our craftsmanship, has been our daily absolute priority for many years. Attests to this:



Quality control is present at all stages of the manufacturing process. To this end, each operator has standard measuring instruments at his workstation to check the dimensions of the parts produced or leaving the machine. In addition, to guarantee precision control, COMMECA has an air-conditioned room and three-dimensional inspection equipment operated by qualified inspectors, including:


- An automated 3D measuring machine MISTRAL

- A manual 3D measuring machine TRIMESURES

- A KEYENCE IM8030 digital imaging 3D measuring machine (2021 - funded by France RELANCE)


Our cutting-edge 3D equipment allows us to achieve considerable productivity gains, especially for manufacturing launches and first inspections. Inspection reports are issued automatically in a matter of seconds. Our technicians can go back to their machines with all the dimensions, to modify the machining programs if necessary.  


Continuous improvement and OTD






Shared know-how





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